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Our History

Rosen Hotels & Resorts has always been centered around family. That’s why we created Harry’s Poolside Bar & Grill which is a heartfelt tribute to Harry Rosenofsky, our founder Harris Rosen’s grandfather.

Harry’s story is a true “American Dream” success story. Harry left his family back in Ukraine in the early 1900’s in search of a better life for them in America. He found himself working in a Jewish restaurant on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. He worked for years with the single goal of getting his family to join him so that they might have the life he felt they deserved. Eventually, Harry was able to lease a small storefront catering to the Jewish and Italian immigrant communities, serving fresh vegetables, meats, appetizers, and soups.

Thanks to his new business, he was able to bring his wife Cecilia and their four kids over from Ukraine. Not long after, they welcomed Jack Rosen into the world, Harris’ father. Over the years, everyone in the family worked in the restaurant, which grew a tasty reputation and eventually attracted some celebrity regulars, like Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel and Meyer Lansky. Urban legend has it that the two had frequent “meetings” at the restaurant. One such meeting is said to have been where Lansky came up with a drawing for a better Model T engine, one that could outrun anything on the road (like, say, the cops).

We hope that you’ll enjoy your time with us and feel Harry’s entrepreneurial spirit as we’ve worked so hard to include it in everything we do. Our casual atmosphere and tropical dishes should entice your taste buds and relax your mind.

Our Inspiration

Chef Emeterio “Tello” LunaChef Emeterio “Tello” Luna

Chef Emeterio “Tello” Luna adds authenticity and creativity to each dish at Harry’s Poolside Bar & Grill while he also concurrently oversees 98Forty Tapas and Tequila’s menu. As head chef of Harry’s Poolside Bar & Grill, his blend of old-world techniques learned in his mami’s kitchen in Mexico, travels to the Caribbean, and his skills honed in New York City’s finest restaurants creates a unique and upscale offering of authentic Caribbean dishes. Harry’s Poolside Bar & Grill items such as the “Mojito Salmon,” tropical chicken, and grilled rib eye steak marinated in Jamaican coffee is basted with his years of culinary experience and research. Chef Tello and his staff prepares items daily from scratch using fresh aromatic herbs and spices and authentic Caribbean techniques such as steaming banana leaves to unlock distinct flavor for the “Island Mahi Mahi.” In every bite, you’ll taste the fresh creativity and the delicate attention to detail.

Entertainment & Events

Enjoy the sounds of the Caribbean with nightly entertainment from 6pm-10pm featuring our live steel drum performer.
From stunning ballrooms, elegant meeting rooms and a tropical poolside courtyard to exceptional service and delectable menu options, Rosen Centre’s private dining venues and exclusive buyouts create inspiring and appealing events.
To make party reservations please call 407-996-2410

Special Events